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Money in Advance (MoneyinAdvance) has been providing loans since 2005 and can be reached today at These payday loans for new customers can range from £50 to £400. The maximum possible amount in the future will be £1000 once you are a trusted customer. There was flexible terms in place here that stretched from 5 to 45 days, but they have now updated the loan to be charged over the full month. The interest rate now works out at 30% that is of course £30 per £100 borrowed. There is a speedy transfer fee of £5 in place that will be discounted from the funds sent to your bank. There is no Money in Advance promo code available at this time to get rid of this transfer fee.

You can manage your Money in Advance loan from within your account at that is SSL secure. This lender can be reached by phone on the number of 0800 612 7050 or they can alternatively be reached by email at Be aware that they operate between Monday and Friday only that is the only time that loans are processed. It does look like they stand as one of the more strict lenders around with them now attaching a minimum age of 21. Each applicant had to earn at least £900 each month, but this is now cut to £800. This company holds membership with both the BCCA and the CCTA trade associations that shows that they are a responsible lender.

Money in Advance