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Manchester Credit Union can be reached at that was devised back in 2006. They actually started out much earlier in 1991 initially as Beswick and Openshaw Credit Union and there was even a further name change to East Manchester Credit Union. This trade union currently serves those that live or work in Manchester and the coverage extends to High Peak, Rochdale, Tameside and Trafford. There are a few other credit unions operating across Manchester, but the one in question is the most popular. Once you have become a member of the Manchester Credit Union then you will qualify for their loans that can be applied for at one of their branches or you can apply via email that is available to those that are payroll deduction members.

Their application forms can be downloaded from logging into the secure member area at Their current headlined loans are compared against doorstep and payday loans. Their loans have a rate of 26.8% APR (£2 each month) that is the legal limit for trade unions and as noted seem to be pitched as short term products although extended terms are available. These Manchester payday loans carry great flexibility although they do require various sources of documentation such as 3 months worth of bank statements. For any contact regarding the Manchester Credit Union loans, you can reach them on the email of or on the contact number of 0161 231 5222. They do have a wide range of branches scattered across their participating areas (in the region of 20).

Manchester Credit Union