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Logbook Loans (LogbookLoans) is the market leading lender within the logbook loan niche. They are homed at www.logbookloans.co.uk that was initially setup in 1999. The company that owned this brand of course went into administration with a buy out following from Hermes Property Services Ltd who control the site today. Despite the change in management here, they have still maintained their prominence (although they have looked to have recently slipped to their rivals). At Logbook Loans you can apply for £400 to £5000 online. A large sum of £50,000 is available though with all figures over £5000 having to be called through to them. The minimum term in place is 12 months with the maximum term being 48 months. This company is a member of the CCTA trade association.

In regards to the cost, for the minimum 12 month term, a £1000 loan would cost £1271.88. The www.logbookloans.co.uk site doesn’t contact much content and there is no account login and SSL used on the application. They state that there are 100s of stores across the UK and that their branches are open from Monday to Saturday. Their contact number is 0800 118 5500 (for new customers) and 0844 871 1567 (for all existing customers) with the email contact being listed as admin@logbookloans.co.uk. They state that bad credit including CCJs is ok and that self employed applicants are accepted, but there is no reference to a credit check being made. With great coverage, the process should be swift, but this slowed down by them handing a cheque for payment.

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