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Loans 2 Go (Loans2Go) is a logbook loan lender that can be reached at that was initially devised back in the year 2000. Another trading site belonging to Loans 2 Go Ltd is Although this is one of the less well known logbook lenders around, future growth is expected due to their recent TV ad campaign. From checking their site they actually have a large range of branches scattered across the UK (56 are noted). The headlined cash sums here range from £250 to £25,000 (cash restriction of £5000). They state that the usual terms are between 12 and 60 months, although there is a note that you can repay early at any time. They are currently a member of the CCTA trade association.

There is no account login and SSL used at that is the case with most logbook lenders. Their loan calculator requires that you enter your reg number. The sample rate that they do provide states that they provide a fixed annual rate of 120%. Although you can repay weekly, the example works around a monthly charge breakdown and so the cost looks to be 10% each month (£100 per £1000). There is no mention of a document fee in place. Loans 2 Go does credit check, but welcomes those with poor credit. Just remember that you will have to head to one of their local branches (lots of ID is required). Their listed contact number is 0800 1 95 94 93 with there being a form for any email correspondence.

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