List of Payday Lenders Not Brokers

The objective here has been to compile a list of payday lenders not brokers that will be updated on a regular basis. If any new companies are introduced on the site then they will be quickly added here. A notice will also be made for any companies that have closed their service (there has already been a few casualties in this regard in 2013). As of today, you will find 79 direct payday lenders listed below (72 are known to still be active). There is bound to be many more lenders circulating the market, but those listed below will include many of the major players operating here in the UK. This list of payday lenders not brokers will be listed alphabetically. There are just a few minor groupings.

The main grouping caters those offering loans for 30 days or less. Within the smaller group you will spot those offering terms above the month and the final grouping will display any companies now closed. Every such company listed below has already been introduced here. In regards to those that qualified for inclusion, you will find monthly payday lenders and also short term lenders that typically allow you to choose the particular day. Also counted are those that offer extended payday loans (3 or 6 months). What’s not included below is high street lenders (unless they lend directly online) and also trade unions. Doorstep, guarantor and logbook lenders are also not featured. Each is referenced as they are most commonly searched for online (there are notes next to exceptions).

List of Payday Lenders Not Brokers…

(1 Month and Below)

1st Stop Payday Loans (more popular as 1st Stop Payday)
1 Month Loan
Access Fast Money
Bonga Loans
Cash 365
Cash Access
Cash Cafe
Cash Central
Cash Genie
CFO Lending (more popular as Capital Finance One)
Community Payday
Dosh Express
Early Pay Day Loans (more popular as EPDL)
Easy Finance Club
Fancy a Payday
Ferratum UK (more popular as Ferratum)
H&T Payday Loans
Liquid Advance
Mobile Quid
Money in Advance
Mr Lender
MyJar (rebrand from TxtLoan)
PaydayBox (unconfirmed)
Payday Express
Payday First
Payday UK
Peachy Loans
Pounds Till Payday
Prime Payday
Reddies Direct
Speedy Cash
Speedy Dosh
Square Money
Swift Sterling
The Loan Store
The Quick Cash Club
The Quick Loan Shop Ltd
THL Direct
Tide U Over
Toothfairy Finance
Umbrella Loans
Uncle Buck
Wage Day Advance

(Above 1 Month)

Cash4UNow (1-6 months)
Ladder Loans (6-18 months)
Landa Loan (1-3 months)
Lend UK (4-12 months)
Oakam (3-6 months)
UK Lenders Alliance (6 months)
Lending Stream (4-6 months)
Pounds2Day (6 months)
Remedy Loans (6 months)
True Blue Loans (3-9 months)
Wizz Cash (3 months)
Zebit (7 days to 7 months)

(Now Closed)

CashCall (redirected to Square Money, but now up again although the application isn’t working)
Debit Card Loans
FLM Quick
The Lending Well
Speed e Loans