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Lend UK (LendUK) is a brand from United Kash Ltd that offers instalment loans through www.lenduk.com that was launched in 2010. These instalment loans are taken over 4, 6 or 12 months based on the level of cash borrowed. Although they reference the starting sum of £80, the quote form displays terms set as: £100 to £200 (4 months), £200 to £500 (6 months) or £500 to £1000 (12 months). £100 to £500 will be first time customer restrictions with sums above this being for return customers. With Lend UK, a £200 loan over 6 months would require a full repayment of £432 (£232 charge). A free same day transfer is provided, but be aware that this needs to be authorised by them between Monday and Thursday before 7pm.

They finish a few hours early on a Friday and so you’ll have to apply sooner. An account login and SSL are both in place at www.lenduk.com. This lender is based in Middlesex and operates in close proximity to Lending Stream who is the most popular name in the 6 month sector. Their email contact is customerservices@lenduk.com and phone number is 0844 543 9310. The Lend UK loans have started out quietly, but there is a great service up for grabs here that is a little cheaper than Lending Stream. They are a trusted name as well, holding membership with the BCCA today. The only thing worth noting is that there doesn’t appear to offer the ability to settle early to save on charges.

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£19.33 per £100 (19.33%) = 0.64% daily (#2 for 6 month payday loans).

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