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Kwik Cash (KwikCash) is a recognisable payday loan company arising from PDB UK Ltd who run many other payday loan companies such as City Cash Loans, MyPayday, Payday Bank etc. Kwik Cash loans at is a notable brand from the PDB UK broker since they run regular TV adverts and they also advertise on many popular comparison pages such as that of MoneySupermarket. With Kwik Cash being a broker this means that the application taken will be fed to various payday lenders. They aren’t specific at just which companies they use, but do headline loans from £80 to £500 that includes a sample interest rate of 25% (and so you would pay £25 for every £100 borrowed).

Kwik Cash initially launched in the year 2006 and they have always performed well over these active years. Although this brand receives regular TV exposure (that is certainly rare as a broker), I would still consider Payday Bank to be the most recognisable company belonging to the London-based PDB UK. Should you have any enquiries to make with this company then you can reach them by email at whilst by phone you have two options including 0800 80 89 803 and 0843 5060 181. Once you reach the site you see that it is well presented and should you fill in an application form with them then the information that you present will be secured using SSL encryption.

Kwik Cash