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KDS Finance (KDSFinance) is a doorstep lender based in Rotherham that can reached today at the address of www.kdsfinance.co.uk. They don’t disclose much details surrounding their company/service and so it is difficult at this time to gather a clear picture of the efficiency of this lender. There is a note that this is a medium sized experienced company that has been serving loans for over 36 years. This is an old domain dating back to the year 1999, however their site looks to have been put together by Ispiri Solutions recently in 2011. This lender has a similar level of popularity to the doorstep lender Morses Club. You can apply for a doorstep loan here from £50 to £500 over the set period of 16 weeks only.

To cover the pricing, a £100 loan for 16 weeks (4 months) would require a charge of £44 that works out at just £11 each month that is a competitive price. The cost here is notable, although better prices for available at their competitors and you are of course restricted to that single term that isn’t ideal. A greater concern would lie in relation to their current coverage of the UK. They didn’t cover my postcode in the Manchester area that you would have expected them to do so. Most of their coverage stems around Yorkshire and its surrounding areas. The www.kdsfinance.co.uk site has no account login and no SSL either. If you wish to reach them then you can ring them on 01709 521 900 or email them at enquiries@kdsfinance.co.uk.

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KDS Finance