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Instant Loans Direct (InstantLoansDirect) is a brand from Instant Finance 4U Ltd that is based in Coventry. They setup their site at back in the year 2010. They have acted as an introducer to the lender partner H&T Pawnbrokers that was previously the only way to receive H&T loans online, but they have now setup Instant Loans Direct headlines new loans from £50 to £300 with £750 being possible for return trusted customers. They note a term range between 4 and 30 days, although this appears to be in relation to when you are next paid. The charges in place here are impressive. A £100 loan over 7 days would cost £4.67 or for 30 days just £20.

The rates in place here were previously cheaper than at H&T, but they are now set exactly the same. 0.67% daily is a good low rate, but there is a further cost to factor if you want to receive fast cash. Their slow funding option is free, but the same day fee is priced at £7. Just be aware that transfers are made on working days only. Even with the fast transfer fee this is still a competitively priced loan, but I’d personally opt opt for slow funding. There is no account login and no SSL used at that hopefully will be changed soon. If you wish to contact their support team then you can do this on the number of 0845 266 6671 between Monday and Friday.

Instant Loans Direct