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Greenwood Personal Credit is a doorstep loan provider also well known as both Greenwood loans and Greenwoods loans. This is a company from Provident Financial Plc who also owns Vanquis Bank and of course Provident Personal Credit. The site arrived in 2001, but as the case with Provident the roots date back to 1880 when Joshua Kelley Waddilove started his home collection service. Although Greenwood Personal Credit is less well known than Provident Personal Credit, these are two brands from the same company and share the same characteristics. First time borrowers can receive £100 to £500 from 14 to 52 weeks. For existing customers, that same £2500 is possible over a maximum of 110 weeks. They also advertise a budget loan up to £300 for 14 weeks.

A £100 loan for 32 weeks (8 months) would cost £60 in total (£5 weekly). For 52 weeks (full year) this £100 would cost £82 in total (82% of loan or 272.2% APR). The same 11,000 agents as Provident are quoted and same headlines of poor credit including CCJs are referenced. It doesn’t seem to matter which one you choose to go through, with the alternative Provident brand just carrying the name of the company that has helped to differentiate them. These Provident brands control the doorstep loan market, although Shopacheck that arises from Welcome Financial Services Ltd has been stepping up their game recently. The site comes with SSL, but no account login at this time. The Greenwood contact number for support is 0800 068 7761.

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