FLM Quick and PoundAccess Closed

There are so many lenders operating today that it It can be difficult to keep track of the developments of each when they arise. This post will reference changes that have recently occurred with two such lenders that includes FLM Quick and PoundAccess. To start with the guarantor lender, the FLM Quick closed notice came as no surprise. They provided an excellent low rate over the month of just £9.56 per £100, but these loans required the backing of a guarantor that is an issue, since I assume that most borrowers wouldn’t wish to bring families or friends into the equation when borrowing small amounts of cash. The FLM Quick “We’ve stopped lending” notice is by no means the end of the road for The Richmond Group.

They are simply advising visitors on this page to head over to their Amigo Loans brand whereby a guarantor will be required, but you will be able to access much larger loans over extended terms. Amigo Loans is still performing well and is frequently advertised on the TV at this time. To cover the PoundAccess closed information, they state that the company is no longer trading and that all accounts owed to PoundAccess will be collected by Engaged Solutions Ltd. Strangely, they note that their new site will be launched soon and so they may well be devising a new brand with a different strategy in place. Seeing PoundAccess shutting up shop was more of a surprise since they only arrived on the scene back in 2011.