Flex Credit @ www.flexcredit.co.uk

Flex Credit is a brand of PDB UK Ltd that has been operating at www.flexcredit.co.uk since back in 2010. PDB UK are one of the leading brokers online who are mostly associated with payday loan brands such as Cash Lady, Kwik Cash and Payday Bank. Flex Credit differs by catering 12 month loan terms. There are very few 12 month loan lenders around and so most brokers tend to use the leading name (Pounds to Pocket). This is also the case with Flex Credit that can be quickly identified when you see the same 278% APR figure. PDB UK also owns 12 Month Loans at www.12monthloans.co.uk. This site was setup on the same day as Flex Credit and the same charges are in place there.

When you do make an application at www.flexcredit.co.uk this application form will be encrypted. I spotted in their FAQ loan amounts of £400 and £2000 that are taken over 12 months (they note smaller amounts and terms on their application form). Since they are using Pounds to Pocket the specific amounts available will be £200 to £2000 and they do usually make restrictions. They also have a 12 month term, but you can repay early at any time. At Pounds to Pocket you will pay £898.34 per £1000 over the 12 month term that can be lowered with their promo code. If you wish to reach Flex Credit then they list the contact number of 0843 5060 179 that is live from Monday to Friday.

Flex Credit