Equifax @ www.equifax.co.uk

Credit reports from Equifax will always be popular, since Equifax is the second most popular credit reference agency operating in the UK. Whilst Experian provide their report at Credit Expert and CallCredit provide their report at both CallCredit Check and Noddle, Equifax actually offer their report on their main site at www.equifax.co.uk. Equifax itself arises from the United States and is headquartered in Atlanta. This is a historic company dating back to 1899 when they were founded as the Retail Credit Company with the Equifax name coming into play in 1975. The United States is their home, but they have made an impact here in the UK and as noted stand as the second most popular agency. This makes their data important than can be yours on a free 30 day trial.

The Equifax Credit Report after the 30 day free trial will cost £8.99 per month. This is not the only product available with there also being the Equifax Credit Watch Gold (£7.50 monthly) and the Equifax Credit Watch Silver (£3.99 monthly). Monitoring alerts are in place here, but you should be aware that minimum 3 month contracts will apply. Elsewhere, you can purchase a one-off report from them that is called the Equifax Credit Score that is priced at £14.95. The www.equifax.co.uk domain is SSL secure with the account login being provided on its sub domain at www.econsumer.equifax.co.uk. The overall prices at Equifax are impressive, but you would have to add on further fees for either of their Equifax Identity Watch products. This makes them less comprehensive than Credit Expert.