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DirectMoney (Direct Money) is a monthly payday lender based in Chessington (Surrey) that resides at the address of This is an aged domain and it is not confirmed when this company (Chromevalue Ltd) took over and launched (it appears to be 2012). Their application form and loan calculator displays amounts between £50 and £400, but £250 is clearly noted as the first time customer restriction. Existing customers may apply for £1000 once logged in to their account. The interest is competitively set at £25 per £100 over the month. There is also a fast transfer fee of £5 that totals 30%. We always add total charges up for display purposes, but they do in fact discount the transfer fee from the funds sent to you.

The DirectMoney loan operational times are not displayed, but I believe they transfer funds between Monday and Friday only. To receive a same day transfer you will need to be approved by 4pm. The applications taken at are encrypted and they provide a customer login here. This lender holds payday loan membership with the CCTA trade association. Should you wish to contact the DirectMoney support team then you can reach them on the email address of or by phone on 08000 542235. Chromevalue doesn’t own any other payday brands, but they do run a successful mobile phone business (Chitter Chatter). It will take some time to see how well they are adjusting to this sector, since there are no customer reviews online for them at this time.