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Debt Line (DebtLine) is a recognisable debt management company since it was created by The Richmond Group who are one of the most successful financial companies catering the subprime market today. Debt Line operates from that was setup in 2006 and they are currently listed as being a trading name of RG Debt Management Services Ltd . They are still based in Bournemouth, but have separated from The Richmond Group after Milestone Capital came in to take a majority stake of the company. I assume that The Richmond Group would prefer not to be associated on the debt side of things, with lending being their primary market via Amigo Loans and FLM Quick. Debt Line has certainly been a great success and carries valued experience today.

This valued experience is evident from them having aided over 100,000 people and being in control at this time of 20,000 customer accounts. Moving to the costs involved here, they will keep the first and second payment and then take 15% of all future repayments. This is a reasonable rate since many DMP companies take around 17/18%. You will be granted access to run your account online at that does use SSL encryption (there is an error with this at this time). The contact number is 08000 914 525 (for new customers) and 08000 919 991 (for existing customers). This company provides detailed lender data that can be studied within their “Debts We Deal With” section of the site. This is a neat touch and is worth checking out if you have some time.

Debt Line