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Provident Personal Credit @ www.providentpersonalcredit.com

Provident Personal Credit is the leading doorstep loan lender in the UK today most commonly known as Provident or Provident loans. This is a brand from Provident Financial Plc who also own Greenwood Personal Credit and Vanquis Bank. Although the www.providentpersonalcredit.com domain looks to have been setup in 2000, they actually started way back in the year 1880. The Provident Empire began in Bradford when Joshua Kelley Waddilove provided vouchers that could be exchanged for clothing, food and other essentials that were repaid in weekly instalments. First time Provident loans range from £100 to £500, whilst existing customers may have access to £2500. The term range is 14 weeks to 52 weeks (110 for existing). An update: They now offer Online Loans with No Agent.


Pounds2Day @ www.pounds2day.co.uk

Pounds2Day (Pounds 2 Day) is a 6 month loan lender operating on the www.pounds2day.co.uk domain. This brand from First and Goal Ltd who are based in Middlesex sprung up in 2009. This loan is designed in a similar way to Lending Stream, although it lacks the ability to clear the balance early. You can apply for between £100 and £400 as a new customer, whilst a larger £1500 could be granted in time. The interest per month is set at 30% of the balance that is the same as it will be at Lending Stream. This charge would work out at £20 each month on a £100 loan. I have recently noticed that they actually share the same address as Lending Stream, but they are not the same organisation.


Lending Stream @ www.lendingstream.co.uk

Lending Stream (LendingStream) is a 6 month payday loan service that reached the UK in the year 2008 at www.lendingstream.co.uk. Although locally based in Middlesex, Lending Stream LLC is headquartered in Wilmington, USA. They additionally run the Zebit service locally. The Lending Stream is as noted an extended 6 month loan. They were one of the first loan providers to cover this period, with Pounds2Day recently following the trend (who they share a building with). The maximum term is only set for loans above £180. The term will be 4 months for amounts below £100 whilst between £100 and £180 will be 5 months. For a long while they promoted that you could clear the balance at any time to save on charges, but they now state that you may be entitled to a statutory rebate.


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