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CashBob (Cash Bob) is a flexible payday lender homed in Rotterdam (Netherlands) where they have become a popular name. The site houses their local expansion into the UK that was launched in the year 2010. This expansion has been quite slow paced, that is also the case with Ferratum who are another big payday lender from Europe to take on the UK. The CashBob loans available here are small for new customers sitting between £100 and £200 with existing customers being granted a possible £800. The flexible terms are a nice touch that ranges between 6 and 35 days. The interest rate is set just above 1% per day. You would for example pay £7.28 for £100 over 7 days or £31.20 per £100 for 30 days.

The interest rate is not the only cost if you are hoping to receive same day funding. The additional Faster Payments Service fee in place is £5.50. There is no CashBob promo code at this time to reduce this fee. The CashBob site itself at is quite simple and doesn’t come with account login that would be nice to see added (they do use SSL security). You can reach CashBob by email at or by phone at 020 3318 1264. Just to note that the requirements in place from CashBob do stand on the stricter side. All applicants must for example be above 21 years old and be earning more than £1500 per month after tax. This figure was £1200, but has recently been updated.