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Cash4UNow (Cash 4 U Now) is a brand from Novaloans Ltd that is headed at that was launched back in 2011. This lender that is based in Leeds offers new customers loans from £100 to £400, whilst £750 is possible for existing customers with these amounts moving up in increments of £10. The available term range sits between 1 and 6 months, but there are restrictions in place. The Cash4UNow loans under £150 must be taken over the single month (a simple £100 loan over the month would cost £30). Between £160 and £190 can have a maximum 3 month term and with £200 or more you can freely choose the term. When you opt for larger cash sums, you will be paying a smaller interest cut.

If we take for example £200, over the full 6 months this would cost £179.98 (this translates to £89.99 per £100 borrowed that is just below 15% each month). They have a free slow transfer, whilst there will be an additional £10 fee in place for speedy funding. The Cash4UNow loans site at does include a login and this site is now SSL secure (there was previous issues with this). They currently hold membership with the CCTA trade association. Be aware that they will need to contact your employer to verify employment before any funds can be sent. You can reach them by phone on 0845 676 9676 with a form being attached for any email correspondence. Be aware that transfers are made between Monday and Friday only here.

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£16.67 per £100 (16.67%) = 0.556% daily (#1 for 6 month payday loans).