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Cash Cafe (CashCafe) provides short term loans at that is an aged domain, although the launch looks to have come recently in the summer of 2012. The Cash Cafe brand arises from PPE Capital Ltd that has an additional product devised that caters business loans over at that was again put together in 2012. The Cash Cafe loans service does score well in many areas. To cover the basics, as a new customer you can receive between £100 and £250 with £1000 being possible for trusted customers in due time. Flexible terms between 5 and 45 days are available and there is a competitive fixed interest rate of 1% daily. This 1% daily rate would translate to for example a £7 charge per £100 over 7 days.

You can wait a few days on their slow transfer option or select their optional same day transfer. This transfer will cost £10 that is deducted from the funds sent your way. The site has a stylish theme and does include a customer login feature and SSL security. Their contact details include the email address of and their contact number is 0844 567 6864. This lender that is based in Croydon looks to be a name to watch out for in the future. Their Faster Payments Service transfer fee of £10 should really be priced around the £5 region though. Ideally they would release a promo code to discount this fee completely that is the case over at Peachy and Wonga who each provide these discounts.

Cash Cafe