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Cash 365 (Cash365) is a payday lender based in the Isle of Man that is focussed both on their local market (and the wider UK). The domain at was originally registered in 2003, although it was updated in late 2011 that was when they began trading online. Cash 365 loans will be unknown to be many people, with them only recently starting to receive some coverage from the popular payday loan review sites. They offer new customers between £100 and £150 with £500 being possible as a trusted return customer. There is a monthly charge of 30% in place (£30 per £100) that covers the interest and then there will be a £10 fee to transfer the funds across within just a few hours time.

As an update, they now headline 6 month loans. There is a Cash 365 promo code box that looks to fit in with their 6 month loan that carries a larger transfer fee of £15. The total cost for this instalment product would be £135 per £100 (22.5% monthly). The site itself is well presented and is equipped with account login, as well as secure SSL. The information presented here is very clear and when scanning through their FAQ I did notice that they are happy to consider self employed applicants that many other lenders here in the UK tend to stay well away from. The Cash 365 contact details include 0871 200 7063 for phone support and for email support.

Cash 365