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Credit unions are very popular in Scotland and Capital Credit Union (Capital CU) is a notable one that serves those that live or work in Edinburgh, The Borders or The Lothians. They are active at that was setup in the year 2000. This particular company offers a wide range of loan products that is good to see, although membership is required for each one of them. This includes the Member Loan that starts from £100 to £1000 at 26.8% APR with the largest sum from £15,001 to £20,000 having just 6.9% APR. The FlexiLoan caters large sums with extended terms alike a credit card and then there is the Loyalty Advance that is tuned to the saving balance with an impressive low figure of 6.9% APR.

We then have the Swift 500 product that is designed to challenge the payday lenders. This comes with a 2% per month charge (26.8% APR) figure that is the legal limit. The Capital Credit Union site at includes account login and SSL. It should be noted that when you go to apply here, it states that you mustn’t have had any arrears or defaults within the previous 12 months and a credit check will be conducted. They have the single office located in Hamilton Place and can be reached by email at or by phone on 0131 225 9901. It is good to see the cheap Edinburgh payday loans product (the Swift 500), as well as all of those others that they have devised today.

Capital Credit Union