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Bristol Credit Union (BCU) can be reached at that was setup in the year 2006. When checking this site the unique theme in place was notable, since many trade unions tend to use the same generic theme (often filled with similar generic text). On their loans page you will see the Standard Loan and the Homeowner Advantage Loan. The Standard product notes cash sums between £100 and £10,000, but there are no further details. On their loan calculator page, this product states a rate of 24% APR up to £2000 with the highest sums having a 10.43% APR rate. Most trade unions tend to start with the maximum legal APR restriction at 26.8% APR and so it is good to see this cheaper rate in place.

The terms look to be stretched out over years, although there is a minimum 6 month term. All products look to be restricted to membership and there is a £2.50 fee to set this up. It looks like applications must be made by logging in to the secure account management feature that is built in to Membership is accessible to those that live or work in the former Avon county that covers Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. There are a number of pick up locations across this area. Their contact number is 0117 924 7309 and their email contact is Bristol Credit Union loans are designed more over the long term and so you won’t find cheap Bristol payday loans here.

Bristol Credit Union