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The Aqua credit card is a product from SAV Credit Ltd who are based in Kent that operate via They now offer 3 individual products that includes the Aqua Advance and the Aqua Classic (there is a second Classic with a higher APR). They did previously offer a Reward card, but this has been discounted from their range. The Classic is the standard product and the Advance is the impressive release with an APR that lowers in time if the account is managed well. The Aqua card was launched in 2002 with more than 200,000 customers having been served across the UK. Capital One and Vanquis Bank in comparison have each surpassed the million mark and so Aqua hasn’t quite managed to replicate the success of the big players when it comes to subprime cards.

This will be a MasterCard that is issued by Progressive Credit Ltd that is a division within the same company of SAV Credit. The Aqua Classic credit card was headed at 35.9% APR and the other Classic is 39.9% APR. The Advance is now the cheapest starting at 34.9% APR and it can drop to a possible 19.9% APR. The Aqua credit card in all versions will come with between £250 and £1600. The site is SSL secure with account login now being integrated to this site. The Aqua contact number is 0845 601 0436. This brand is a member of the FLA trade association and they have made big improvements over the past few years, but still have to play catch up.

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Aqua Credit Card