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Albemarle Bond (popular as Albemarle and Bond) is an established financial, jewellery and pawnbroking brand in the UK. The journey started for Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc with a single shop opening in Bristol in 1983 and they have in the region of 140 high street stores today. I believe there are over 250 stores though when you include their other brands such as Herbert Brown that is a historic company founded in 1840 that they bought not so long ago. The site arrived in 2002 and when checking now it looks to have had a recent upgrade. We are particularly looking at the Albemarle Bond payday loans. They act as an introducer for their online loans that are transferred to EPDL (Early Pay Day Loan).

EPDL was purchased by Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc in 2012. For their store loans, ID including a bank statement and wage slip will be required. They have updated their store loans and now just offer what they call Speedloans. These range from £100 to £400 (new customers) or £300 to £1000 (existing customers) and the terms are extended over 12 to 18 months. The charges are no longer displayed. Early Pay Day Loan (EPDL) charges a 25% monthly rate including a fast transfer. Their logbook loans offer large sums, although they are only introducing to Mobile Money. The site has no SSL, but as noted the application is taken elsewhere anyway. They are a CFA member and display a contact form for all correspondence.

Albemarle Bond