1Plus1 Loans @ www.1plus1loans.co.uk

1Plus1 Loans is a guarantor loan company located at www.1plus1loans.co.uk that looks to have been setup in early 2013. 1Plus1 Loans is part of Secret Eye Ltd that runs a range of finance brands. There was some initial confusion since I have seen this company reference themselves as a lender, but I know that Secret Eye runs The Finance Facility as a broker. Further to this, they display a variable rate of 49.9% APR that is the same rate in place with the leading guarantor lender Amigo Loans. It appears that they did run TFF Loans at www.tffloans.com, but this now redirects to 1Plus1. Between £500 and £3000 are listed as the available sums and the term range is 12 to 36 months.

To cover a 1Plus1 Loans example, £1000 over 12 months would cost £353. This example that they provide is 79.3% APR, but they note next to this 49.9% APR. There is around a £116 difference between their rate and Amigo’s and so this may be a broker fee or it may be an error. The 1Plus1 Loans site at www.1plus1loans.co.uk has been designed well and there is a 1Plus1 login attached, as well as SSL. Their contact number is 0844 800 6690 and they also list the email contact of info@1plus1loans.co.uk. It is unclear whether this company is in fact brokering their guarantor loans, or whether they are lending. Due to this, they will be attached to the brokering section until we have more clarity.

1Plus1 Loans