1 Month Loan @ www.1monthloan.co.uk

1 Month Loan was Replaced by Sunny in 2013.

1 Month Loan (1MonthLoan) arises from Think Finance (UK) Ltd and can be reached at www.1monthloan.co.uk. They state that this brand was formed in 2004, although this particular domain wasn’t registered until 2008. Fortress Group (UK) Ltd originally started this company and was later bought out by Think Finance Inc that may be why they started on another domain. This payday lender is based in Bury St Edmunds and according to data is a popular company although it is difficult to determine just how popular they are since terms such as “1 Month Loan” and “One Month Loan” could be generic searches. Other than this brand, Think Finance also run Quid that caters 12 month loans. You can apply for between £75 and £350 here (£750 as an existing customer).

The interest charge is £30 per £100 and there is a required transfer fee in place as well that will either be £3 (next day) or £5 (same day). There is no 1 Month Loan promo code to reduce these fees. As the name states, this is a monthly loan although there was some confusion at first. This was due to their charges page they stated terms from 6 to 37 days. As far as I can tell, this simply appears to be in relation to the customer’s next payday only with a full monthly charge always being required. Account login and SSL security is provided at www.1monthloan.co.uk and they are hold BCCA membership. Their email is info@1monthloan.co.uk and 01284 717810 is listed for phone support.

1 Month Loan